In the early 1960s, architect Hilario Candela designed the first venue ever built for powerboat racing: Miami Marine Stadium. An icon of mid-20th century Modernism, the stadium also hosted concerts, boxing matches, political rallies, and church services. A defining meeting place for the community, it was shuttered after Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992. Nevertheless, to its creator, the Marine Stadium remains an enduring source of pride.

Part of the 2016 HistoryMiami Museum exhibition Beyond the Game: Sports and the Evolution of South Florida

Premiere July 6, 2016

Festival Selection / Screening
2017 Sarasota Film Festival

Producer Gaspar González
Gaspar González
Cinematographer Jorge Rubiera
Location Sound Joel C. Hernandez
Editor Jorge Rubiera
Post Sound Joel C. Hernandez
Music Mickey de Grand IV

Running Time 04:19