Opened in 1925, Hialeah Park became one of America’s most storied horse tracks, home to Triple Crown winners and boldface society names. But, by 1974, it was on the verge of closing, a victim of changing economics and sporting tastes. That’s when businessman John Brunetti, against the advice of almost everyone, gambled on the ailing racecourse. Forty years later, Brunetti and Hialeah were still defying the odds.

Part of the 2016 HistoryMiami Museum exhibition Beyond the Game: Sports and the Evolution of South Florida

Premiere July 6, 2016

Festival Selections / Screenings
2017 Monmouth Film Festival
2017 Louisville’s Intl. Festival of Film

Producer Gaspar González
 Gaspar González
Cinematographer Jorge Rubiera
Location Sound Joel C. Hernandez
Editor Jorge Rubiera
Post Sound Joel C. Hernandez
Music Mickey de Grand IV

Running Time 04:27