Jossie and Miguel Alonso’s move into their stately Havana home coincided with the arrival of the Cuban revolution. While their neighbors in the upper-class Vedado district left Cuba for exile, Miguel and Jossie remained. For them, the house was a sanctuary, the last link to the life they had once known. Now a widow, Jossie still lives there, surrounded by her memories and the echoes of the past. A film about how the revolution changed everything — except the love between two people.

Broadcast on select PBS affiliates

Recipient of the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the 2017 Miami Film Festival

Premiere March 10, 2017

Festival Selections / Screenings
2017 AFI Docs Film Festival
2017 Newport Beach Film Festival
2017 Miami Film Festival

Producer Gaspar González
 Gaspar González
Executive Producer Michael Sykes
Cinematographer Richard Patterson
Location Sound Diego Javier Figueroa Torres
Editor Jorge Rubiera
Post Sound Joel C. Hernandez
Music Mickey de Grand IV

Running Time 11:03