Gay Talese helped pioneer New Journalism, penned what is widely considered the greatest of all magazine stories (“Frank Sinatra Has a Cold”, for Esquire), and wrote celebrated books on the Mafia, the media, and the sexual revolution. For more than 50 years, he has interviewed and rubbed shoulders with thousands of people — some famous, some not — and made a habit of almost always jotting down their phone numbers in his leather-bound address book. We asked to take a look.

Premiered on the ESPN website Grantland in May 2015 and subsequently received mentions in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Paris Review.

Running Time 04:37

Producer Gaspar González
Gaspar González
Executive Producers Bill Simmons | David Jacoby
 Richard Patterson
Editor Jorge Rubiera
Post Sound Joel C. Hernandez
Music Sam Garner