Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color line in 1947, but it took another generation of Black and Latino players to make the sport truly open to all. Playing in remote minor-league towns where racial segregation remained a fact of life well into the 1960s, these were the men who, before they could live their big-league dreams, first had to beat Jim Crow. Featuring James “Mudcat” Grant, Jimmy Wynn, J.R. Richard, Grover “Deacon” Jones, Orlando Cepeda, and Tony Pérez.

Recipient of a 2019 Gold Telly Award for General Documentary

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Network TV One

Air Date February 18, 2018

Producer Gaspar González
 Gaspar González
Concept By Matthew Frye Jacobson
Cinematographer Jorge Rubiera
Location Sound Joel C. Hernandez | James M. Willis
Editor Jorge Rubiera
Post Sound Joel C. Hernandez
Music Mickey de Grand IV | Sam Garner

Running Time 41:50