In 2013, when not a lot of people knew where to look for him, we found Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds teaching acting classes near — of all places — his hometown of Riviera Beach, Florida. Producer Gaspar González wrote this everything-comes-full-circle tale as a feature story (“Professor Burt”) for the ESPN website Grantland, to go along with a series of short videos in which the onetime biggest box-office star in the world — five years running, from 1978 to 1982 — recalled his early life and career. Here, he describes his boyhood romps in the Everglades. Watch out for alligators.

Premiere August 4, 2014

Producers Gaspar González | Brett O’Bourke
Directors Gaspar González | Brett O’Bourke
Cinematographer Jorge Rubiera
Additional Photography Jorge González Graupera
Editor Jorge Rubiera

Running Time: 02:52

A Grantland / Common Machine Production