In 2013, when not a lot of people knew where to look for him, we found Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds teaching acting classes near his hometown of Riviera Beach, Florida. Producer Gaspar González wrote this everything-comes-full-circle tale (“Professor Burt”) for the ESPN website Grantland, to go along with a series of short videos in which the onetime biggest box-office star in the world — five years running, from 1978 to 1982 — recalled his early life and career. In this one, he describes his boyhood romps in the Everglades. Watch out for alligators.

Premiere August 4, 2014

Producers Gaspar González | Brett O’Bourke
Directors Gaspar González | Brett O’Bourke
Cinematographer Jorge Rubiera
Additional Photography Jorge González Graupera
Editor Jorge Rubiera

Running Time: 02:52

A Grantland / Common Machine Production