In December 1955, a brief news item in a national publication reported the arrest of a Black woman and a white man at a Miami motel. They were arrested for vagrancy, at the time a vague charge wielded by police against activity deemed undesirable — in this instance two people meeting, likely for sex, in violation of the city’s strict segregation laws. Delving into the case, the filmmakers uncover the personal stories of the two protagonists and show that, far from a footnote, the episode provides an unexpected glimpse into the era’s complex social history.

Funded by The Ellies, Miami’s visual arts awards, presented by Oolite Arts

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2021 Yale in Hollywood Fest
2021 Utopia Film Festival
2021 TIDE Film Festival
2021 CineOdyssey Film Festival
2021 Miami Film Festival GEMS

Running Time 10:42

Producer Gaspar González
Gaspar González
Cinematographer Ed Talavera
Narrator Cathleen Dean
Cian DeBaldo | Erica Randle
Editor Jorge Rubiera
Music Sam Garner
Post Sound Sound Speed Miami