As a Cuban immigrant, 10-year-old Carlos Alvarez felt the sting of discrimination, but soon found a way to combat it: football. Excelling at a sport few Latinos played, “the Cuban Comet” became a record-smashing receiver at the University of Florida and an inspiration to others struggling to adapt to life in a new country, all while speaking out for athletes’ rights, civil rights, and against the war in Vietnam — no matter the cost. One of only three Latin-born players in the College Football Hall of Fame, Carlos Alvarez proved All-American isn’t a title you earn just on the playing field.

Broadcast nationally in 2020 as part of ESPN’s SEC Storied doc series

Running Time 52:00

Director / Producer Gaspar González
Producer Castor Fernandez
Cinematographers Richard Patterson and Ed Talavera
Additional Photography Jorge González Graupera, Sunny Lee, Josiah Morgan
Location Sound Thomas J. Doolittle and Joel C. Hernandez
Supervising Editor Jorge Rubiera
Adrian Orozco