As a newly arrived Cuban immigrant, 10-year-old Carlos Alvarez felt the sting of discrimination, but soon found a way to combat it: football. Excelling at a sport few immigrants played, “the Cuban Comet” became a record-smashing receiver at the University of Florida and an inspiration to others struggling to adapt to life in a new country, all while speaking out for athletes’ rights, civil rights, and against the war in Vietnam — no matter the cost. One of only three Latin-born players in the College Football Hall of Fame, Carlos Alvarez proved All-American isn’t a title you earn just on the playing field.

Scheduled for release in 2020

Director: Gaspar González
Producer: Castor Fernandez
Associate Producer: Jorge Rubiera
Cinematographers: Richard Patterson and Ed Talavera
Additional Photography: Jorge González Graupera, Sunny Lee, Josiah Morgan
Location Sound: Thomas J. Doolittle and Joel C. Hernandez
Editor: Adrian Orozco